Broken Glass Reading Grid, AS

Page by page notes on characters, key themes, plot development and reference to context, i had to do when i first started preparing and studying broken glass for my exam. i hope this helps.

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"Broken Glass" Reading Grid
Characters Key themes Plot development Reference to context
Scene One Margaret Hyman- Harry The theme of Gellburgs Gellburg is going to visit Dr Hyman Reference to places in Brooklyn made
p1 A lone cellist... to p3 Gellburg Hymans wife, "fair, lusty wife's illness is introduced, office to receive some results on the ­"ocean Parkway".
No-no... and energetic", and Gellburg indicates he is test his wife had ­ she is paralysed
informative, nosey. She perhaps either irritated by and showing no signs of illness at all.
is friendly, likes wife's condition or the A little background history about the
laughing a complete presence of Margaret ­ Hymans is given.
opposite to Gellburg- it uses short brief answers.
makes him
Phillip Gelburg-
"slender intense man in
his late forties", patient,
secretive, dislikes social
Opening of scene two from p3 to Margaret Hyman A very slight introduction to Audience is introduced to Dr Hyman, Reference to the typicality of the
Gellburg I see p5. Dr Hyman-"early the theme of Gellburg and Sylvia's doctor who is investigating time ­ a doctor smoking indoors, un
fifties", an inquisitive, Sylvia's relationship, her sudden paralysis. Sylvia appears fazed by the claimed causes of
factual man "more suggest that's its perhaps to be coping well, something which smoking.
people die or rat bite cold "oh... I never thought Hyman admires. Dr Hyman has the
you know", idolises of it..." he's almost unfamiliar results from Dr Sherman's tests on
women/wife. Slow with his own wife. Sylvia.
thinker Sylvia's illness is mentioned
Gellburg- he is again ­ appears to be
impressed by Hyman, coping.
however some
uncertainty towards him
is clear
p5 Hyman I find this Adolph Hyman ­ Educated in Theme of Sylvia and While Hyman is trying to find the Contextual reference to the Nazis
Hitler... to p6 Gellburg Listen, I Germany, and shows Gellburgs relationship with answer within the results, he talks to pogroms--state sanctioned,
sympathise... great sympathy towards one another is touched on ­ Gellburg firstly about the Soldiers in anti-Jewish riots--against the Jewish

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Broken Glass" Reading Grid
the Jews being punished Hyman presents this idea Berlin smashing Jewish homes/stores community of Germany. It was known
over there, he can't that Sylvia is scared of Philip. etc, and Sylvia's concern over it. as "Kristallnacht", or "night of the
understand the brutality. The theme of anti-Semitism Gellburg expresses his thoughts on broken glass".…read more

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Broken Glass" Reading Grid
disapproval of the caused the hysteria ­"she scares
actions in herself to death with them"
p10 slight pause to p13 Hyman I Gellburg ­ He becomes The theme of work plays a Gellburg recalls the night Sylvia Context reference to the American
don't know... very emotional when part, Gellburg is very proud collapsed and became paralysed ­ economy In the 1930's. In 1928 the
describing the fall.. with the position he is in "her legs turned to butter.…read more

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Broken Glass" Reading Grid
p14 Margaret That's one Margaret- likes to be Sylvia's illness: Hyman isn't Margaret comments of Gellburgs Reference to American
miserable pisser... to end of romanced by Hyman. sure how to treat her, and character "That's one miserable culture/cinema at the time ­ "at the
scene. Very concerning over promises his wife that if it pisser", and that "he's a dictator". Beverly they've got Ginger Rogers
her husband.…read more

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Broken Glass" Reading Grid
p18 Sylvia returns to p 20 Gellburg Gellburg ­ he has a Sylvia's paralysis: Gellburg arrives home, he has a letter Slight link to the stigma's that were
It's only a colour... Stern, harsh and she feels like she is a burdenfrom the General of his son Jerome attached to being Jewish ­" I wanted
forbidding presence.…read more

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Broken Glass" Reading Grid
Characters Key themes Plot development Reference to context
Scene Three Harriet ­adores Hyman The events in Germany are mentions Harriet goes to see Dr Hyman ­ he Reference made again to the NAZI
p24 Opening of sceneDr and the work he had in reference to the paper Sylvia has explains how physiologically, her and actions taken against Jews in
Hyman's office... to p25 done for her cousin. She is obsession with. numbness doesn't make sense. Germany. (mentioned in previous
Hyman Yes.…read more

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Broken Glass" Reading Grid
Philip despite everything expression on that man's face when
is a good man. he's watching her- it could almost
Hyman ­ is with further break your heart...He adore her!"
confusion ­ they're
marriage does not make
Scene Four Case ­"He has great The theme of Gellburgs obsession Gellburg stops by the office to offer Anti-Semitism in America reached its
Complete scene natural authority, an with work.…read more

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Broken Glass" Reading Grid
Hyman ­ revealed he had Relationship: When Hyman do. Sylvia begs for patience, and they
many lovers in his youth. mentions Philip at random he notices change topic onto Hymans youth, but
He is vain. Cares a lot fear in her eyes key to her when Hyman mentions Philip,
about Sylvia. paralysis? Disruption in marriage? "Sylvia's eyes show fear".…read more

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Broken Glass" Reading Grid
Margret when she tries There is no change in Sylvia. Gellburg
to help snaps, he is "upset".
Margret- pry's into the
business of Gellburg, she
notices changes in
p38 Hyman enters... to Gellburg- His quick to Relationship: Appears that Gellburg confides with Hyman that he
p40 Gellburg Listen... judge nature is reflected Gellburg is attempting to fix their is going to have sex with Sylvia.…read more

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Broken Glass" Reading Grid
may know that he is the .Facing increasing recognition of his
reason for it. own impotence and weakness, he
Hyman ­He is out of his tries to hide it behind the lie that he
depth made love to his wife, but that she
then rejected him by cruelly claiming
to have forgotten the experience
altogether within hours of its
p43 Shaken, Hyman...…read more


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