Easy: Breathing Under Water- Anoushka Shankar- 2007

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  • Easy: Breathing under water- Anouska Shankar- 2007
    • Structure
      • Make use of traditional western structures
        • John Cage Dance No.1 used traditional India structures
        • McLaughlin Ma No Po in 2002 imitated Indian structure
      • Verse/chorus/instrumental/introductions and coda
    • Tonality
      • Mixolydian starting on Db
        • This is the Indian equivalent ot a Rag Khamaj
      • Consistently flattened 7th
      • No modulations
    • Melody
      • Fusion between the traditionally Eastern complex SItar melodic lines and the vocals which are more Western in style
        • Opposite to Rhaman's Jai Ho which is mainly western but is not sung in English
        • There is a stylistic tension
      • Opening sitar melody has a 4 bar phrase which is repeated with variations
      • Pentatonic shapes
        • Debussy's Pagodes uses melodies which are pentatonic in quality (1903)
    • Texture
      • The focus is on the melodic line
      • The guitar plays the same style of material throughout with syncopation and an ostinato-type rhythm
      • Homophonic textures strongly feature
      • Some contrapuntal parts
        • Very Western
          • Homophonic textures strongly feature
    • Rhythm Metre & Tempo
      • Medium tempo of 84 BPM but slows down towards the end
      • Syncopated accompaniment with a flexible and comlex sitar line
        • Jai Ho by Raham used syncopated strings in 2009
    • Harmony
      • Chords are often straightforward triads with every bar containing an added note extension chord
      • No progressions including the dominant chord
      • Primary chords and cadences are avoided
      • Some  dissonance
    • Sonority
      • Both Indian classical conventions and Western conventions
      • Vocals are in a relax Western style with a mid to low tessitura
      • Synth bass used to emphasise the guitar ostinato
    • Context
      • Born in 1981 and her father was Ravi Shankar a famous sitar player
      • Brought up in a range of countries gaining influence from them all
      • Almost a collaboration between multiple artists


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