Se quema la chumbamba- Familia Valera Miranda- 1997

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  • Se quema la chumbamba- Familia Valera Miranda- 1997
    • Structure
      • 12 bar intro which incorporates the instrumental riffs
      • 12 bars call and response
      • Long solo for cuatro and bongo
    • Tonality
      • G minor, defined by perfect cadences
        • Very traditional, it is easy to follow, all following Cuban tradition
          • Is it really a fusion then??
    • Melody
      • Based entirely on the same two bar phrase with slight variations
        • Similar to motifs, like in Danny Elfman, Batman in 1989
      • Silence on the down beat of alternate parts to allow the singers to catch their breath
      • Pregon range is a minor 6th
      • Coro mainly in thirds
      • Improvised in the cuatro
        • Jeff Buckley used improvised melodies in Grace in 1994
    • Texture
      • homophonic
      • Call and Response between the pregon and coro
      • Based largely on instrumental riffs
    • Rhythm, Metre & Tempo
      • Time signature indicates 2/2 rather than 4/4
      • 3:2 clave rhythm
        • Unusual but not to be over emphasised in importance
      • Constant quaver pulse on the bongo
      • Varied rhythms including triplets and syncopation
    • Harmony
      • Functional harmony
      • Gm- D7- D7- Gm
        • Very traditional and easy to follow, because of its link to how it is learnt
      • Changes of chords anticipated before by the bass
    • Sonority
      • Cuatro and double bass
      • Anticipation in the bass
      • Latin American percussion
      • Syllabic
    • Context
      • Foundation of modern Salsa
      • Spanish and African influences
      • Cuban music is handed down the generations
        • Often learnt aurally


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