East Germany

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  • Talent ID
    • Children as young as 7 yrs
    • East Germany
      • Youth Sport Boarding Schools
        • top coaches
          • supplying full-time jobs
        • developing advanced training techniques
        • large, annual competitions
          • if they didn't perform well they were cut
          • SPARTAKIAD
            • sponsored by industry and workers unions
        • Incorporate athletic training into the lessons
          • 6:2 hours of sport to academic study
            • giving athletes little career prospects outside of sport
        • Specialised training programmes
          • state of the art facilities
          • university pathways
          • testing new techniques or equipment
        • developed grassroot to excellence pathwy
      • Sporting achievement demonstrated power
        • east germany supported and funded by USSR
        • aim to sell communism to the rest of the world
        • quality of life was poor
          • promising athletes a privileged lifestyle was insentive
      • Deutsche Demokratische Republik
        • provided a lot of funding to elite sport
        • encourages illegal methods to achieve success
        • only showed the west what they wanted to, not everything
          • 'shop window'
          • berlin wall kept the east concealed
        • east german female athletes borke numberous world records
          • after 20 years
    • tested for their sporting ability
      • to find an individuals most suited sport
      • scientifically based
    • identifying aspiring young athletes
      • if selected, sent to a specialist sport boarding school


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