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  • How Catholics view the Genesis stories
    • There are 2 Genesis stories
    • Genesis 2 was written earlier in about 950 BCE and focuses on the story of the creation of Adam and Eve in some detail
    • Genesis 1 was written down about 450 BCE as a poem and it tells of the 6 days of creation, with God resting on the 7th, making the day holy
    • Catholics today accept the 2 creation stories were written as myths
    • They believe it has an underlying truth with a story and should not be taken literally
    • Both accounts of creation in Genesis have different details, they share the same truth
    • The idea of the creation accounts is that God created everything ex nihilo, out of nothing and love  and that humans were created to experience the love of God, creation and other humans
    • Catholics believe that the creation accounts should not be interpreted literally as they come from a different time and reflect the thoughts and attitudes of societies in which they originated. But do tell us undeniable truths about God.


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