early years care values

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  • early years values of care
    • welfare of the child is paramount
      • child are most important an there needs shoul be met
    • keeping cildren safe and maintaining a healthy environment
      • eery child must be safe and secure, risk assesments should be carried out
    • working in partnership with parents and families
      • you are looking after their precious children therefore they shoul be involved
    • chilrens learning and development
      • children should be offered a range of activites to support development
    • valuing diversity , equal opportunities and anti discriination
      • must provide equal opportunities for all children no matter their age,gender,race or gender. Celebrate ll occasions and allow children to have freedom to what they want to do.
    • maintaining confidentiality
      • all information should be kept private unless its a 'need to know' basis
    • working with other proffesionals
      • work closely with parents and other teachers to make sure the childrens needs are met
    • being a reflective practitioner
      • need to reflect and asses their work and make improvements if needed.


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