Care values

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  • care values
    • the welfare of the child: children should be listened to and their views considered.
    • safety of children: children should be kept safe at all times.
    • providing a safe and healthy working environment: safe working practices must exist
    • working in partnership with parents and children: sharing information with parents. Respect for family traditions.
    • learning and development: children should be offered a range of activites that support development (PIES)
    • valuing diversity: information relating to traditions should be presented in a positive way.
    • equal opportunity: each child should be offered quality of access to opportunities to learn.
    • anti-discrimination: expressions of prejudice by children or adults should be challenged.
    • the reflective practitioner: early years officer will need to reflect on the practice for development.
    • confidentiality: information should be kept safe and not shared.
    • working with other professionals: essential for the welfare of children.


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