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  • Ealing Studios
    • British Values
      • Community- All in it together. Family organisation.
      • A national identity.
      • Rationing, the welfare state, austerity Britain, class structure.
      • Resilience, backbone, fighting spirit.
      • Caring for one another.
      • Independent spirit.
      • Sense of humours and hierarchy defence.
      • Stoicism-Stiff upper lip.
      • Director- Alexandra Mcendrick
      • Producer- Micheal Balcon
      • Mrs Wilberforce, Professor Marcus, One Round Lawson, Major Courtney, Harry Robinson and Louis Harvey.
      • Each character represents a factor of Britain e.g. Mrs Wilberforce represents old Britain.
      • It was made in 1947- 2 years after the war, Britain had a lack of food, money and housing, psychological mood, majority of wages cut down, wartime rationing.
      • Genre conventions- Comedy- shared understanding by audience, unusual plot twist, shock factor- one thing then the other.
    • Overview of the 40's and 50's in Britain- Context for Ealing Studios.
      • 1940's - Banking issues due to the war, rationing was introduced 1939-1954. Technology advanced in mechanical and electrical areas. Local schools were introduced to the Education act 11+. Women took over male roles. In 1945 Labour won- NHS, full employment.
      • 1950's - The recovering economy increased employment rates and raised wages. Television and electronic devices were introduced.
    • Things to remember
      • Producer Micheal Balcon - Created Balcons Round Table, which represents equality that the company highly valued
      • Ealing was located in West London, although it was in the center of everything it still contained a rural atmosphere.
      • Ealing's studios politics favoured LEFT WING Labour, due to the equality that Labour offered, it was shown through the films made e.g. P.T.P
      • The studio didn't like to spend lots of money on sets and locations when shoooting such as rivals (RANK ORGANISATION) the ealing producers would tend to just use the rural area to film.
      • Ealing comedies aimed to create an escapism feeling for its viewers as during  the war period there was a depression phase. the comedies would provide a good laugh for viewers to help them forget about the war and e.g. rations.
      • 'WASTE NOT WANT NOT' was a quote that suggested that ealing didnt want to waste a thing, meaning things would be cheaper and more could be produced.
      • Director Henry Cornelius. Starring Stanley  Holloway.
      • Producer Micheal Balcon.
      • Quotes: FRED 'You can't push English people like sacks of potatoes.'  JIM 'English?' CONNIE 'Don't you come that stuff Jim we always were English and it's because we are English that we are sticking up for our right to be English.'


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