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telles you everything you need to know about 'Old Hollywood for Section A of your film exam in May

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Late 1950s: Rise in
modern and fresh
Run by 'out of touch' old Film industry didn't New Audiences- film cultures (French
men catch on 'teenagers' and UK New Wave)
Destroyed European
1950s: aspirations to compete
1953: Coronation of the TV audiences rose with Hollywood
Queen (people brought dramatically
TVs to watch it) Home Entertainment Universal and
Paramount formed
(why visit cinema?) World War I (1914-
1918) Star System Big names sell films
Great filming locations
D.W.Griffith: Birth of a
Better lighting (sunlight) First feature film
American Studios
Cheap labour Duke of York, Brighton
move from East Picture Palaces
Cheap land coast to West (End
of 1910s)
Far from financiers
End of 1960s: new
(bugging you about breed of film maker
Old Hollywood
money) emerged-
Soundstages (Hippies) (America)
Studios needed to
invest (heavily) in
Soundproof box for
The Blimp Sound Technology Sound Technology Fox
Dictation classes for big Problems with accents Stars converting from Fun Fact: MGM have their
stars (foreign or working class) silent films to sound MGM own movie channel on
Early TV=Small and Formation of THE
Black & White Paramount
After realising TV Made King Kong
Cast of thousands
Biblical genre (The Epic) was taking over... RKO
Cinemas= Widescreen
benefitted most from Went bust in the 1950s
Cleopatra: movie that and Technicolour
killed Fox
Warner Bros.
Nothing new really Between late 50s and Interegnum- Universal
happened late 60s between two periods
The Small 3 United Artists


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