Dual nature of man

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  • Dual Nature of Man
    • two sides to every individual
      • before hyde he was leading a double life
        • established gentleman
        • guilty of sins and desires that he keeps hidden
      • Jekyll states duality applies to all of humanity
      • Jekyll is more self-aware
        • good and evil sides of his personality are struggling against one another
      • Jekyll underestimates the power and attraction of his purely evil side
        • in the end - hyde and bad side to Jekyll over rule
    • two sides can be sinful and virtuous
      • all people, including Jekyll, are a mixture of sin and virtue
      • hyde is the purely satanic side of Jekyll.
      • complex attitudes to sin
        • power - hyde takes over in the end
        • temptation
        • unavoidable - as hyde, Jekyll gives in to original sin
    • civilised and uncivilised
      • hyde is the sinful side and uncivilised
        • he disrupts the ordered and civilised world the jekyll & his friends live in
      • some upper-class Victorians thought that people committed crimes were less evolved
        • using darwins theory to back this up
      • Stevenson forces his readers to consider theres savage within all people
        • hyde is a part of Jekyll - without civilised it is the pure evil of hyde
    • society
      • uses idea of duality to criticise respectable society
        • gap between appearance and reality in people and places of Victorian London is hypocritical
      • uses imagery of clothing to show how people and places can put a misleading appearance ot the world
      • proud of reputatons = prioritise their appearance
        • gentlemanly characters lookdown on immoral activities in public
        • jekylls fate is a warning about trying to hide who you are
      • hyde doesn't hide behind appearances
        • appearances can only conceal so much


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