Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Context

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English Revision
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Context
Charles Darwin published a book called "On the Origin of Species" which introduced
the "Theory of Evolution" to the public.
It had two main ideas: Natural Selection and Evolving.
In the Victorian Era, many were very religious and this theory opposed God's creation
This caused many to be in mental conflict.
It became a case of belief in science or in God.
Darwin also wrote another book called the "The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation
to Sex".
The book defeats the idea that man is superior to animals.
The Duality of Nature:
In the novel, London is also presented a dual. There is the respectable side of London which Dr.
Jekyll lived in and the degraded streets of London which Mr. Hyde lived in. However, both Jekyll
and Hyde lived in the same house which tells the readers that the house was also dual.

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Louis Stevenson was trying to make the theme very clear to readers in that almost
everything was dual!
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