Miracle on St David's Day

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  • Religious

  • Wales

  • Daffodils

  • Significant moment

  • Ambiguous.


  • W. Wordsworth: beauty in Nature. God's presence in nature.

  • Stereotypes and appearances.

  • The power of language.

  • Significant memory.

  • Social Identity and preconceptions.

  • No speech – no identity


  • Religious.

  • Power of Language.

  • Personification: 'The sun treads.'

  • 'Treads' suggest gentle.

  • Present tense.

  • 'A beautiful chestnuts haired boy.' converses our preconceptions then puts blunt in a short sentence: ' A schizophrenic.'

  • Punctuation and caesura reflects the halting nature of the patients speech.

  • 'A big mild man is tenderly led.' Although he is big, he is mild. Subverting our views – there is nothing to fear from the man.

  • Triplets: emphasise : 'Not…


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