Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 10

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  • Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 10
    • "inclined by nature of industry"
      • Upon his birht, his profession and position in society has been mapped out.
    • "every guarantee of an honourable and distinguished future"
      • "Jekyll's life is set out for him"
    • "a certain impatient gaiety of disposition
      • Jekyll confesses that the reason he became curious was due to his own need for happiness
    • "I concealed my pleasures"
      • Jekyll's beginnings of his duality. He hid his true self.
    • "I stood already committed to a profound duplicity of life"
      • Jekyll is fully immersed in duality from early age.
    • "those provinces of good and ill which divide and compound man's dual nature"
      • Reference to the theme of good vs evil and duakity
    • "so profound a double-dealer"
      • Jekyll describes himself as a "double-dealer"
    • "primitive duality of man"
      • Reference to duality which is "primitive"
    • "the curse of mankind"
      • Jekyll degrades society


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