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umm what dose this bit do?

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  • Drugs and behaviour
    • How much alcohol is there in each drink?
      • beer-4-8 lager-3-6 cider-4-8 wine-8-16 sherry-16-18 spirits-35-50
      • one unit is the same as 10cm3 of alcohol
    • What is a drug
      • Simulats: increase brain activey, e.g. caffeine, cocaine
      • Depressiants: whitch slow down the nervous system e.g. alcohol, heroin, and tranquillers.
      • Hallucinogens: witch cause the mind to see things.
      • a heorion user finds thay have to increase the dose to have the same affects. the bodey has devoloped a tolerence to the drug. this affects can occure with several other drugs.
      • When a perosnm takes a drug there body may staert to crave for it  and thay will become addicted. this means that thay will suffer withdrawal sympoms when thay try to stop taking the drug.


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