Drama Leah

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  • Leah
    • Relation with Phil
      • Devoted to him
      • Loyal and supportive towards him
      • Relationship is one sided as Phil really seems to respond
      • Leah's dialogue towards Phil suggests that she has low self-esteem. She is convinced Phil is thinking negatively about her.
      • Doesn’t speak to Phil at the end of the play as she disapproves of his actions.
    • Characteristics
      • Talkative
      • Frustrated
      • Principled
    • Adam's death
      • Not directly involved with the bullying of Adam. However, she is caught up in the aftermath.
      • Uncomfortable with the decision to cover at Adams death
      • Leah wants Phils approval so she covers up her true feelings about the situation
      • After the post man is arrested Leah begins to express her disapproval to the group. This shows she is becoming frustrated.
      • After Adam is  killed Leah rejects the group
      • Only want to suggest helping Adam and she is also concerned about his welfare. She understands that Adam is in a fragile condition.
    • Leah’s conflicting emotions allow the audience to understand her better because she becomes more relatable   than the rest of the group.
    • Physical skills
      • Stay within close proximity to show her feelings during scenes together
      • Could use exaggerated movements and gestures to  try and get Phil‘s attention during scenes together.
      • She could use slouched posture to show Leah is disheartened when Phil does not respond
      • Could stand towards the edge of the stage to show her lack of authority within the group
    • Vocal skills
      • Lively and animated when talking with Phil
      • Her emotions change regularly throughout speeches. Actor could use varying stress levels invoice.
      • Could use filler words to fill the silence. Frequent pauses could also be used to show that Leah is thinking of something else to say.
      • Act one – Leah could  stumble across her words to give the impression that she is nervous
      • Act two – stress needs to be heard in Leah's voice to show she is unsure about lying to the authorities.
      • "I talk to much, so shoot me"
      • "You don't care,do you"
      • "We can't just leave him up here"


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