Dowland - Flow my tears

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  • Dowland - Flow my tears
    • Background
      • Lute song or Arye
      • Based on pre-existing work (Tearful Pavan)
      • Published 1600
      • Intended for performance at court
      • Marked by melancholy atmosphere
    • Rhythm and metre
      • 4/4 characteristic - slow pavan tempo
      • Use of syncopation...
      • ...dotted rhythm...
      • ...ornamental, shorter not lengths near cadence
    • Melody and Word-setting
      • opening stepwise descending line matches description of falling tears
      • Syllabic underlay
      • Verbal and musical accentuation not always synchronised
      • Line broken by rests to convey tears and sighs at b.12
      • First syllable "Happy" given the highest note in the melody
      • Overall range a 9th (D-E)
      • Opening 4 notes inverted to start third section b.17
      • Diminshed 4th - (G sharp-C) at b.22
    • Harmony
      • Not consistently functional - frequent cadences, both perfect and Phyrgian
      • Other devices include...
        • Suspension
        • False relation
        • Tierce de Picardie
    • Tonality
      • A minor with Aeolian inflections
      • Second section starts in C, but finishes with a  Phrygian cadence in A minor
    • Structure
      • Pavan structure...
      • ...three parts, each section repeated - AA BB CC
    • Resources and Textures
      • Voice, lute and an anthology recording a bass viol
      • Melody and accompaniment hovers between homophony and free counterpoint
      • Some dialogue or antiphony, for example b.12
      • Brief imitation


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