JOHN DOWLAND - Flow My Tears

Heading of FLOW MY TEARS 

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JOHN DOWLAND - Flow My Tears

Circumstances of performance (When, where and why)

  • Written in renaissance period (1400-1600)
    -renaissance = french for re-birth 
  • Originally written for lute

Tonality (Key)

  • A minor
  • Harmonic G natural
  • Melodic G sharp
  • Chromatic, G sharp raised 7th (bar 8)
  • Modal
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Performing Forces (Interesting and unusual features)

  • Counter tenner, male alto falsetto vocals
  • Lute, early guitar
  • Base viola (similar to cello) only featured on recording

Texture (Layers)

  • Homophonic
  • Some use of polyphonic
  • Imitation, loop (bar 12)

Melody (Tune)

  • Melismatic note stretched over (bar 24)
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Harmony (Chords)

  • Phrygian cadence (bar 15-16)
  • Use of Tierce de Picarde, C sharp in chord of A major

Rhythm (Time signature)

  • Syncopation, begins with a rest (bar 15)

Structure (Sections)

  • (Bars 1-8) ends with a perfect cadence
  • (Bars 9-16) ends with an imperfect cadence
  • (Bars 17-24) ends with a perfect cadence
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