Doctors in the Middle Ages

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  • Doctors in the Middle Ages
    • Studies/Skills
      • Dissection
        • Carried out by the teacher and observed by the pupils
        • Criminals bodies
      • Anatomy
        • Internal organs, bones, muscles and skin
      • Studied the four humours, opposites etc.
      • Used the 'zodiac man'
    • Surgery
      • Not taught in universities - apprentices to other surgeons
      • Pulled teeth, set bones, treated burns, bled people and lanced (popped) boils
      • Military surgeons experts at removing arrowheads and repairing deep wounds
    • Training
      • The first medical university was opened in 900AD
      • Books of Galen and other famous scientists used
      • By the middle ages doctors had to attend one of these schools
      • Controlled by the church
    • Herbal Remidies
      • Most diseases treated with herbal remedies
      • Most treatments worked/were useful
    • Barber Surgeons
      • Cheaper than doctors but a bad reputation - a quack
      • No training
      • Red and white poles represent blood and bandages
    • Women
      • Could not go to university to train as a doctor
      • 'Wise Women' - knowledge of herbal remedies etc.
      • Role as midwives


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