The Medical Renaissance

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  • The Medical Renaissance
    • Harvey
      • Heart pumps blood - through dissection
    • Renaissance
      • i.e. Rebirth - came out of the dark (middle) ages - big impact on medicine
      • Associated with figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci - important for his drawings of anatomy
    • Pare
      • New methods for gunshot wounds and stopping bleeding
    • Printing Press
      • Allows for the spread of information and discoveries
    • Vesalius
      • The anatomy of the body
    • Reformation
      • Questioning of the Catholic Church lead to the questioning  of Galen's ideas
    • Treatments
      • Magical cures - the Kings touch
      • Herbal Remedies
      • New Ingredients from abroad
      • Bleeding and Purging
      • The bezoar - testing a magical cure
    • The Great Plague
      • Struck again in the late 17th century - 1665
      • Mass graves dug to bury many bodies at once
      • Doctors wore a costume when visiting patients to protect them
    • Encouraged investigation and inqiury


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