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  • Marketing - XL Recordings
    • Digital Technology
      • Website - previews of new songs - video's from youtube
        • There are links to iTunes on some, Amazon on others and some have both - mp3/CD. Or straight from the XL Store.
        • Sell merchandise and pre order songs
      • Radio 1 - e.g. the prodigy and ADELE
      • Websites that stream music - Youtube, spotify, iTunes, soundcloud
      • collaboration of Alicia Keys - signed to columbia records, RCA and arista - subsidary labels of sony ( horizontal integration) and JACK WHITE
        • Made a sony, which features on a james bond film and a coca cola advert. Whilst advertising film/coke - promoting/advertising song.
    • gigs
      • An example - radiohead - selling in rainbows - audience chose how much they paid. Average - £4, some paid nothing and 67 paid £10.
        • Caused a lot of talk in newspapers and magazines - advertises them
        • LOYAL FANS
    • Some artists recieved nominations at the brits - increased popularity - get them more known
    • Friendly fires - on the NME tour - publicity


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