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  • Distribution and Exchange - Sony
    • Physical retail shops - HMV, Tesco
    • Online stores - Sony website, link to artists website
    • Digital retailers 0 iTunes, Amazon, spotify (pay £10 a month - get unlimited music streaming), mflow
    • Once Sony artists establish their fan base which is big enough, they start to produce CDs for distribution
      • Merchandise - on sony artists website which you can get to from sony's website
    • Peer2peer downloading
      • Napster - file sharing website - copyright violations.
        • Negative impact on record sales. I asked people at my school if they illegally download and the majority of them said yes for downloading singles, but no for albums as they say it takes longer and feel they want to support the artist.
      • Companies done something about illegal downloading
        • Apple created iTunes app readily stored onto iphones
          • Made it quick and easy to buy downloads and the majority are quite cheap
          • 21st century - 3D on smartphones - easier to access music and download them on the go online MP3 players
      • Illegal downloading
        • Sony announces that they are going to make singles available to buy at the same time as they are released on the raido - what the public have been doing anyway
          • They also offered extras on their music, and using digital technology websited
    • Media convergence - 2008, 70% of Sony music UK earnings was made from Syco


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