PY4 Dissolution of relationships

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  • Dissolution of relationships
    • Economic theory: social exchange theory
      • KELLEY cost benefits
        • HATFIELDS EQUITY (imbalance in rewards) happiest newlyweds= EQUAL. Underben= ANGRY and resent. Overben= GUILT
          • BRADBURY unhappiness isnt predictor of divorce
      • Evaluation
        • SET what is cost ben? Cultural diffs? Assumes selfishness
        • EQUITY: ARGYLE Gender diffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!overbenefittin females not as :) as underbenefit.
        • BOTH focus on ind cultures where personal freedom is emph. Collectivist?
    • Duck's Phase model: complex breakdowns
      • Breakdown, intra-psychic, Dyadic, Social, Grave dressing, Ressurection.
      • Evaluation
        • Applies to all kinds of relationships
        • GREY: 45 divorcing couples, 10yrs. M&W protect self esteem (grave dressing)
        • Explains how couples can stay together when thresh reached - marriage guidance
        • Descriptive not expl
        • Sudden breakdowns?: affairs
        • Ignores ind diffs
        • Explains feelings AND behav
    • Lee's stage model
      • Dissatisfaction, exposure, negotiation, resolution attempts, termination
      • Evaluation
        • Based on PREmarital, cant generalise to marriage
        • Expls how relationships can resolve: marriage counseling
        • Reductive
        • descriptive not expl
    • Evaluation
      • Extra A02
        • both reductive
        • Both free will but deterministic at a point
      • Comparison of Lee and Duck
        • DUCK what happens during breakdown, complicated, specific, inc social influence.
        • LEE what leads to breakdown, simple


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