PY4 benefits of relationships

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  • Benefits of relationships of psychological wellbeing
    • Importance of relationships
      • ARGYLE: w right social attachments we live longer, better psych and phys health and happier
      • FREEDMAN: single ladies- friends and LOVE highest rated.... married m&w ranked LOVE MARRIAGE and PARTNERS HAPPINESS highest
    • Mental health: buffering hyp
      • Links between social relationships and risk of mental health issues. Links between high stress and low soc support
      • LEPPIN ET AL: meta anal of 70 studies. -0.22 between social support and depress.
      • COCHRANE: marriage = lower admission to mental health hosp and divorced higher
        • Assumes only marriage supports buffer
      • ARGYLE ET AL: divorced/separated more likely depressed and suicide. Main mental illness in single is depression
        • Genetic suseptibility?
        • Depression causing divorce?
      • Evaluation
        • lots of supporting evidence showing strong correlations
        • BECKHAM ET AL: links wiith phys health, suggesting other benefits
        • applies to all kinds or relationships
          • studies show most mentally ill are lacking strong family relationships
        • Self report/ correlation
    • Happiness "state of contentment"
      • BRADBURN (US): asked divorced/single/married about life happiness: marries = 31% increase. 10% married not happy, 40% separated not happy. Marriage = :) for m & fs
        • Why?
          • ARGYLE: 3 factors of satisfaction. Socio emotional support, material help, common interests SPOUSE SCORED HIGHEST IN ALL
            • self report
            • Most satisfaction from relationship thats most important, others unsatisfact in comparison.
          • GLENN: U shaped marriage curve
            • HARDING: women with children felt boredome aggression and loneliness
      • Evaluation
        • Historical bias: marriage now less beneficial.. it was prev the only way of having sexual rel. Women more independant.
        • Dishonesty
    • Mother - child
      • GENIE THE FERAL CHILD 13 yrs locked away by dad
        • deprived of caregiver bond: poor soc skills, low self esteem poor cognition.
          • unique - hard to generalise
          • potential brain damage at birth rather deprivation?


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