Perceptual Development

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  • Discuss the development of depth/distance perception and/or visual constancies (8+16)
    • Are perceptual abilities innate or learned through the environment?
    • Depth/Distance
      • Gibson + Walk (1960) Visual Cliff
        • The infants were placed in the centre of the cliff and the parents called to them from either the deep or shallow side.
          • They found out of the 36 infants; 27 crawled to their parents from the shallow side, 3 crawled over the deep side and 9 refused to move. Distress shown from the deep side
            • Concluded that infants must have good enough percep. skills to notice the depth change.
        • But we can't draw a causal conclusion from these results, it is equally plausible assumption that a fear of falling is innate, again we cant reach this conclusion from the study
          • Aswell as this, in order for the babies to take part in the study, they have to be at least 6 months in order to be mobile.
            • During this 6 months, they could have had time and experience to learn about depth perception and/or the dangers of falling
    • Visual Constancy


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