Perception - Gregory revision notes

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Unit 3 resit notes                                                                                                PERCEPTION

Description:’S Theory of Perception

Possible exam questions

Discuss Gregory’s theory of perception (8 + 16)

Discuss Gregory’s theory of perception (4 + 8)

AO1 – Description of Gregory’s theory

TOP DOWN THEORY –Gregory said that perceptual abilities need to be learnt. He believed that we are born with very limited perceptual abilities. Through interactions with the environment we form hypotheses related to the processing of visual information, e.g. we learn rules about depth cues. We then apply these hypotheses to new situations. Therefore past experiences, context and motivation all influence perception.

PERCEPTUAL CONSTANCIES - This involves things being perceived as the same despite changes in the visual information that we receive. So we must be doing additional processing. For example:

·         Size constancy – Objects at a distance are


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