Discuss the View That Globalisation Has a Destabilising Effect on Local and National Economies

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  • Discuss the View That Globalisation Has a Destabilising Effect on Local and National Economies
    • Local
      • Global South
        • Positives
          • creates jobs locally
            • 650,000 employed indirectly by NIke
          • often employs local women =increased equality
            • majority workers for Nike women under 25
          • positive multiplier effect
            • Nike provides micro-loans to locals to start small businesses
          • upskills workers
            • Nike trains 30,000/year in ICT/literacy
        • Negatives
          • local people out of business - lose income
            • eg. food aid, tnc investment
          • limits participation (bc top-down)
      • Global North
        • Positives
          • choice of cheap goods for consumers bc the new international division of labour
            • bc of free trade and NIDL
          • Technology available (cheaply)
            • eg. Apple, mining of materials in DRC
        • Negatives
          • local businesses out-competed = clone cities
            • eg. Exeter
          • outsourcing = loss of jobs
            • eg. coal in Wales and Cornwall- deprived areas bc no jobs
            • eg. Dyson
          • people have less power in a globalised world: increased inter-dependence
            • for products, services etc
    • National
      • Global North
        • Positives
          • increases in skilled work (research and development)
            • eg. Met Office, Exeter
          • Tax from TNC's cause increases in wealth
            • (BUT) Amazon, Google etc do not pay tax
          • access to other cultures & homogenisation
        • Negatives
          • TNCs have powerful influence over governments - loss of political sovreignity
            • (BUT) Amazon, Google etc do not pay tax
          • Technology and increased inter-connection = cyber-crime
            • eg. Hacking NHS or bank accounts
      • Global South
        • Negatives
          • Manufacturing increases pollution
            • eg. China - can't swim in Han River
          • Dependency on TNCs foor technology and aid
            • eg. Monsanto, Nike in Vietnam, TRIPS
          • global negative status bc poor = no TNC investment
            • eg. HIPC
        • Positives
          • provides with technology for development
            • eg. Mobile phones in Kenya
          • increased national income and trade
            • eg Taiwan
          • National identity created
            • eg. Taiwan makes toys


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