'Examine the Effects of Globalisation on One Named Country'

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  • 'Examine the Effects of Globalisation on One Named Country'
    • Economic
      • Shift from living off land to production through Nike
        • necessary stage for development - Rostow's Model
        • creates jobs (650,000 indirect)
      • Average pay $54/hour where local average $18/hour
        • increased spending power and positive multiplier effect
          • per capita consumption 2x national average
            • shift to capitialist ideologies
        • Managers paid 3x more
      • microloans to locals to start small-scale businesses
        • causes local businesses to grow
      • positive multiplier effect
        • causes local businesses to grow
      • increased in labour demand
      • Social
        • people receive regular pay and decent working conditions
          • halved people in absolute poverty
          • individual labour laws = can easily sack employees
        • investments in future with subsidised meals and education
          • as workers earn more, they can afford to pay for education & their children aren't needed for child labour
            • decrease of children in employment by 2.2m in 10 years
              • still 16% child labour
          • Trains 30,000/year in literacy and ICT
        • Nike believes happy workers have increased productivity
          • corporal punishment: 15 women hit for poor sewing
        • employs women = equality: Kae Kwang Vina has 10,000 rural woman employees
          • vulnerable
          • Untitled
      • Political
        • creates access to new markets for trade and resources
        • loss of political sovereignty nc TNCs have more power
        • TNCs take profits out of hosts - 2009 Nike net income $1.4bn
        • creates development with minimal government investment
      • Environmental
        • WWF has commended for reducing carbon emissions 13% below 1994 levels
          • only 13%?
        • independent auditors to ensure factories meet standards
          • Nike sets own standards & not specified anywhere?
          • only 60% factories met standards
        • Vietnam has weak pollution laws


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