Direct Realism Problems

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  • Direct Realism Problems
    • Problem 1 - perceptual variation
      • Russel's table - a shiny, brown table seems different at different angles therefore not seeing it as it is
    • Problem 2 - illusion
      • pencil in water appears to bend but when felt is straight
        • so disproves that we see things the way they are
    • Problem 3 - hallucination
      • cannot distinguish between percieving something which is there something in reality isn't there
      • implying a hallucination is real
    • problem 4 - time lag
      • see a supernova which occured 6000 years ago (light takes long time to travel)
        • DR says we see things as they are we aren't seeing them as they are as we are seeing them 6000 years too late
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