Diet and good health

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  • Diet and good health
    • Dietary guidelines
      • These include:
        • the five-a-day campaign
        • The eight tips for healthy eating
        • The Eatwell guide
      • The Eatwell guide
        • The four food groups are:
          • Carbohydrates
          • Fruit and vegetables
          • Fats
          • Protein
      • the five-a-day campaign
        • There are significant health benefits to eating five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
      • Government lines for healthy eating
        • Base your meals on starchy foods
        • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
        • Eat more fish
        • Cut down on saturated fats
        • eat less salt
        • Drink plenty of water
        • Do not skip breakfast
    • The benefits of a healthy diet
      • Undernutrition
        • A condition where the body does not get enough food.
      • Overnutrition
        • A condition where the body gets too much of a particular nutrient or nutrients
      • Malnutrition
        • A condition linked to imperfect or bad nutrition when the body either gets too much or too little of a particular nutrient


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