Psychology as a science

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  • Psychology as a science
    • Paradigm
      • Kuhn stated that a subject can only be called a science if its majority workers work within a common theory or paradigm.
      • Psychology has many theories, some of which are contradictory to one another.
        • Psychology can therefore not be called a science.
      • It could only be called a science once theory explains all the facts and unites the field.
      • Psychology is in a pre-science phase.
      • A point is reached in any scientific paradigm when too ideas conflict the central theory.
      • Theory is revised and revolutionised.
    • Theory and hypothesis testing
      • Theories provide understanding by organising facts to create general principals.
      • On the basis of a theory, it is possible to make a prediction or hypothesis that can be tested.
      • It is essential to scientific theory that it is amenable to testing.
      • Research has to have an aim- it cannot set out to find 'something'.
      • Deriving new hypotheses from the theory= deduction.
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