Theories of religion

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  • Theories of religion
    • Defintions of religion
      • Substansive
        • Focus on the content of religious beliefs
      • Functional
        • Focus on the social or psychological functions it performs for individuals or society
      • Constructivist
        • Focuses on how members of society define religion themsleves
    • Functionalist Views
      • Durkheim
        • For Durkheim the key feature of religion is the distiction between the scared and the profane
        • Reeligion invloves practices in relation to the sacred
      • Psychological functions
        • Bronislaw Malnowski
        • Where the outcome is important but uncontrollable
        • At times of  life crises e.g. birth deaths
      • Parsons
        • Parsons sees religion helping individuals to cope with unforeseen events and uncontrollable outcomes
        • it provides a source of meaning and answers ultimate questions about lfie
      • Civil Religion
        • Bellah argues that civil religion integrates society in a way that America's many different churhces and denominators can not.
    • Marxism
      • Religion is an ideology
      • Religion as Alienation
      • Life after death
      • Compensation for suffering
      • Supernatural intervention
      • Justifying social order


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