Developmental approach to eating behaviour

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  • Development approach to eating behaviour.
    • Exposure to food.
      • Neophobia is the fear of new foods, and avoidance, more exposure to new foods can change children's preference.
      • Birch and Martin- introduced old children to new foods. Took place over 6 weeks, gave them different rates of exposure 1-20 , 1-10, 1-5.
        • They found 8-10 exposures are necessary to change preferences, direct relationship between exposure and preference to food.
    • Social learning.
      • Describes the impact of observing other peoples behaviour on ones own behaviour, referred as 'modelling'.
      • Birch et al-used peer modelling to change children's preference. Four consecutive days, were seated next to someone who preferred a different veg.
        • By the end they showed a definite shift in their veg preferences ,was still evident at a follow up several weeks after.
      • Lowe et al- shown 'food dudes', results showed exposure to these changed children's preference.


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