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  • Development of the cold war
    • The Truman Doctrine and Marshall plan
      • The USA was certain that the USSR aimed to spread communism in Europe
        • President Truman announced on the 12th March 1947 that the USA would provide $400m to Greece and Turkey to prevent them from falling to communism
        • Announced the Truman doctrine which replaced the isolationist policies with a new containment policy which aimed to limit the spread of communism outside a small number of countries
      • The Marshal plan was a direct result of the Truman Doctrine
        • George Marshall visited Europe and calculated that it would cost $17billion to rebuild out of poverty and destruction
        • Would increase possibility trade with Europe as well as ensuring that no more countries fell to communism
        • Stalin accused the USA of trying to establish an empire in Europe
    • Berlin division
      • Berlin split into 3 zones
        • France
          • Merged their zones and improved quality of life for citizens
            • Britain
            • USA
            • Trizonia
        • Britain
        • USA
        • USSR
          • Improvements to West Germany made communism look bad
    • The Berlin Crisis
      • Stalin felt threatened by the formation of Trizonia and started the Berlin Blockade to secure communism in Berlin
      • Airlift
        • Planes landed every 3 minutes in West Berlin dropping off supplies
      • The allies refused to loose Berlin to communism
        • If they gave up on Berlin it would be going against "containment" stated in the Truman doctrine
      • led to the formation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact
    • Cominform (1947) and Comecon (1949)
      • Cominform - Communist information Bureau (1947)
        • Consisting of 9 countries, this gave Stalin complete control over the satellite states
          • Countries took orders directly from Moscow
        • Rejected the Marshall plan
        • Propaganda began to spread claiming that America was no different from Nazi Germany
      • Comecon - Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (1949)
        • Stalin offered a positive alternative to the Marshall plan which secured the loyalty and his control of the satellite state
        • Actions increased tensions and led to the formation of NATO
        • Discouraged trade with West


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