constructive techniques

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  • Development of Construction Techniques
    • Making seams
      • flat seam
      • french seam for fine fabrics (like organza)  raw edges concealed inside double stiched seam
      • Flat fell seamgive strengh and decoration
    • Neatening seams
      • pinking
      • overlocking and zig-zag stiching.Inexpensive way to netaen seams
      • Bias Binding- essential to cover fabric edge, cheaper alternative to fully line garment
    • Shaping techniques
      • darts- to fit figure
      • gathering- to give wavy shaping to garment around neckline and sleeves
      • cut out around fabric pattern
    • Fastening Techniques
      • stiching a zip in place
      • Stiching Velcro in place
    • Casing technique- to insert elastic and ribbons


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