Chapter 17: Developing and Implementing Workforce Plans

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  • Developing and Implementing Workforce Plans
    • Workforce planning
      • the method by which a business forecasts how many and what type of employees it needs now and in the future, and matches up the right type of employees to the needs of the business
    • Stages in workforce planning
      • 1. Setting objectives
      • 2. Forecasting future demand for labour
      • 3. Assessing the current workforce
      • 4. Identifying shortfall or oversupply between workforce needed in the future and the current workforce
      • 5. Reviewing internal and external supply of labour in relation to the organisations future requirements
      • 6. Developing strategies to fill gaps or reduce the oversupply of labour
    • Internal influences on workforce plans
      • internal labour supply
      • financial position of the organisation
      • organisations marketing and production plans, inc marketing and production objectives
      • organisations corporate or strategic plan, inc its corporate objectives
    • External influences on workforce plans
      • market conditions
      • labour market and demographic trends
      • state of the economy and government policy
      • legislation
      • local factors
    • Issues in implementing workforce plans
      • employer/ employee relations
      • corporate image
      • cost
      • training
    • Benefits of workforce planning
      • helps a business to achieve its corporate objectives by ensuring the business has a workforce of the right size, with the right skill, in the right place
      • good source of competitive advantage
      • encourages managers to prepare and plan for changes rather than simply reacting to them
      • businesses going through periods of significant changes are better prepared to handle the workforce implications
      • improved communication as staff feel closer to descion making process


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