developing and implementing marketing plans

developing and implementing marketing plans 

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Chapter 10: Developing and implementing
marketing plans 1/23/12 11:07 AM
Components of a marketing plan
A SWOT analysis
This is an audit of the factors the influence the marketing of a business.
The marketing of a business. In effect, it looks at internal strengths and
weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. In order to carry out
this audit, the business would conduct market research.
SWOT analysis also assesses the internal and external influences on
the business, so that these factors are taken into consideration when
finalizing the marketing plan
Marketing plan : a statement of the organisations current marketing
position and future strategies, and a detailed examination of the tactics
that it will use to achieve its objectives
implementing marketing tactics through the marketing mix
low cost/cost leadership
differentiation or focus
market penetration or consolidation
product development
ANSOFFS matrix
This model can be used to asses the degree of risk involved in a
particular marketing strategy. In general terms, market penetration or
consolidation is the least risky option when considering the four
quadrants of Ansoffs mix
Internal and External Influences Political factors technology
operations production
Assessing internal and external influences on marketing plans
Internal influences on the marketing plan
Any business must ensure that each of its functional areas works
cooperatively with other areas. When compiling its marketing plan, a
business must liaise closely with the other departments within the
organisation to ensure that each department is working towards the

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Chapter 10: Developing and implementing
marketing plans 1/23/12 11:07 AM
same goals and adopting consistent strategies. The sections below
provide some examples of ways in which the marketing plan is
influenced by the other business functions
The marketing plan and operational issues
The marketing objectives must be consistent with the production
department's approach. If the marketing plan is aiming to create an
upmarket, quality image, its vital that the operations department can
manufacture products of a high enough quality to meet this
requirement.…read more

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Chapter 10: Developing and implementing
marketing plans 1/23/12 11:07 AM
Technological change
This factor has developed most businesses' understanding of their
markets through mechanisms such as loyalty cards and electronic
point-of-sale (EPOS) this enables businesses to plan more accurately
It is vital that the marketing plan takes into consideration the capability
of its suppliers to provide whatever the business believes can be sold.…read more


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