Leadership Summary Sheet A2 AQA Chapter 28 research

this should help with section B of the BUSS4 exam on leadership. Summary of different good/bad leaders

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Chapter 28: Key Influences on the Change Process ­ Leadership
Key definitions Leadership styles theory
Leadership: deciding on a direction for a company in relation to its Kurt Lewin (1890 ­ 1947) put forward three different styles of leadership:
objectives, and inspiring staff to achieve those objectives. 1. Autocratic - leader makes most decisions without consulting the employees
Management: getting things done by organising other people to do 2. Democratic ­ leader consults his team but makes the final
it 3. Laissez-Faire ­ leader allows his team to make decisions
4. Paternalistic ­ the leader acts in a fatherly way towards the workforce ­ making
decisions based on the needs of the workforce as well as the business
5. Bureaucratic ­ leaders work to rules and regulations
Internal and external factors influencing leadership styles Role of leadership in managing change
Internal Influences: Successful management of change requires positive action from top management and a
The expertise and experience of the workforce leadership style that gains a commitment to change
The skills required for the work to be done
The personal traits of the leader Change management: the anticipation, organisation, introduction and evaluation of
The power given to the leader modifications to business strategy and operations.
The time frame associated with the task to be undertaken
Effective change management involves:
External Influences: · Effective, open communication of the reasons for change
The political and legal environment · Championing innovation and creativity as a response to change
The economic environment · Setting a good personal example
The social environment
The technological environment
Changing nature of the industry
Examples of effective leadership: Type of Examples/evidence/data of strategies imposed Example/evidence/data of the impact of effective
When did they come into power? leadership (i.e. what has shown their successful leadership leadership:
How was the company prior to their style? (was it during change? External influences etc)?): Research share prices, reputation etc of company
appointment? ALSO consider the type of strategy ­ Porters? at that point.
Howard Schultz (Starbucks) Paternalistic 3 Employees which had been shot. "He went to "Highest Rated CEOs " - Schultz is number 8 on the
each of their homes, told their families he was 2014 list with a 93 percent approval rating from
sorry and shared in their tears." partners
Retrenchment was his initial response - at the
same time as recession was starting to bite
globally. The experience of closing 900+ shops
changed his leadership style
Growth is back on the agenda; focusing on

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Turnaround strategy has been successful (share
price at highest level since 2006)
Sergio Marchionne (Chrysler and Fiat) Laissez-Faire Strategies - moved the CEO's office from the 2011 - company was nearing the point of repaying
penthouse to the middle of the engineering its government loan early
department. Streamlined senior leadership and
asked most of his remaining 15 direct reports to
lead more than one function, knowing that the
increased work load would yield faster decision
making.…read more

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L'Oreal threatened legal action retailer's share price has fallen by 10%lost 50% of
over a disputed payment of about £1m demanded its market value in a year
by Tesco A £250m accounting problem in its profit forecasts
internal email in 2012 warning about financial
controls at the retailer after a problem was
discovered in its Polish business
STEVE JOBS (Co-founder of Apple) TIM COOKE (August 2011 to present)
What was his leadership style? What was his leadership style?…read more

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Tim Cooke.
http://www.cnn.com/2012/10/04/tech/innovation/apple-tim-cook/index.…read more


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