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Chapter 28: Key Influences on the Change Process ­ Leadership

Key definitions Leadership styles theory
Leadership: deciding on a direction for a company in relation to its Kurt Lewin (1890 ­ 1947) put forward three different styles of leadership:
objectives, and inspiring staff to achieve those objectives. 1. Autocratic -…

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emerging markets and product development
Turnaround strategy has been successful (share
price at highest level since 2006)

Sergio Marchionne (Chrysler and Fiat) Laissez-Faire Strategies - moved the CEO's office from the 2011 - company was nearing the point of repaying
penthouse to the middle of the engineering its government loan…

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cosmetics giant L'Oreal threatened legal action retailer's share price has fallen by 10%lost 50% of
over a disputed payment of about £1m demanded its market value in a year
by Tesco A £250m accounting problem in its profit forecasts
internal email in 2012 warning about financial
controls at the retailer…

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with the effective succession from Tim Cooke.


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