Design Process

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  • Design Process
    • The Client
      • An individual or a group who identify a need or niche that could be met by developing a new product
      • Often entrepreneurs seeking to make money by launching a new product into the market
      • Will be the person or group who commissions a designer(s) to develop a product
    • The Designer
      • An individual or group who will work to develop a product for a client
      • The designer, with the client, will develop a design brief and design specification
      • Marketing department: tell designer exactly what user wants
      • Product manager: people who monitor the progress of a product's development & ensure product meets client's needs
    • Inventors
      • An individual or group who produce ideas for new or improved products
      • Have to be communicated in visual form such as sketches and models
      • Product designers might take an idea created by inventor and develop it into a product that will sell well
    • The designer-maker
      • Describes the individuals who design a product and then make it
      • Examples include craft workers such as potters, jewellery makers, costume makers
      • Associated with small scale production
      • One off high quality pieces specifically designed for an individual
    • Makers
      • Makers are the people who will manufacture the product that has been designed
      • Could be an independent company
      • Global Manufacturing
        • modern-day industrial practice of designing in one part of the world and manufacturing the product in another where materials and labour costs may be cheaper
    • Users
      • Individual or group that will make use of the product developed by the designer
      • Researchers and designer may work with user groups within target market to identify specific features required in the product


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