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2. Systems and Control…read more

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What is quick response manufacturing?
Manufacturing Systems QRM turns a company into one that
responds to actual customer demand
What concepts does it involve? rather than planning for an expected
·Total quality management (TQM) demand that may or may not happen.
·Just-in-time (JIT)
·Manufacturing cells
Its main aim is to increase overall flexibility and responsiveness to the company
Advantages of QRM Disadvantages of QRM
What is quick response
Less money needed to run the Increased reliance on suppliers to
factory because fewer raw materials react to demand.
The manufacturer would and goods are stocked
begin production as soon as
an order is initiated. Increased market share due to quick Poor supply of raw materials could
Suppliers deliver raw response time attract new clients. result in a manufacturers inability to
meet customer requirements.
materials directly to the
production line, the product Increased turnover of stock, as Large variations in demand could
is manufactured and the production systems are triggered by cause problems
finished goods flow directly demand
to a waiting truck for
Minimises waste. Lower storage Managing and implementing change
delivery. costs for excess stock. could be difficult as QRM changes
the roles of employees.…read more

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AMT- advanced manufacturing technology describes the impact of computers on manufacturing.
Advantages of Concurrent
Concurrent Manufacturing manufacturing
What is concurrent manufacturing?
Reduces time to market
All of the key people who work at each stage of the design and
manufacturing process working together to make sure that changes to Reduction in design modifications
one part of the process will not require changes to be made to another,
making sure the product is right the first time. Decreased design and manufacturing
· Aims to eliminate the need for design changes Improved product quality
and overcome production problems
Enhanced customer satisfaction
Flexible Manufacturing System
2 main features of FMS Advantages of FMS
·Machine flexibility
Reduces time to market (shorter lead
Involves the systems ability to be changed to produce new
product types and the ability to change the order of operations
carried out Lower labour costs due to automation
·Routing flexibility Increased productivity due to
Involves the ability to use several machines at the same time to automation
perform the same operation on a part, thus speeding Improved product quality (elimination
production. These systems can adapt to change in production of human error)
High flexibility in managing
manufacturing resources .
What is flexible manufacturing system?
Where several machines are linked together by a material-handling system such as computer-controlled robot .It brings
together new manufacturing technologies such as CNC or robotics to form an integrated system. Its different from an
automated production line because of its ability to process more than one type of product at the same time.…read more

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"House of Quality" matrix
· Early in the development stage of a product, designers can use a function called
Quality function deployment (QFD) in order to create a more successful product.
QFD is a method that incorporates customer satisfaction into the development of
a product before it is manufactured
· A "House of Quality" matrix is used to translate customer requirements into a
number of targets to be met by the product.
Component Content
1. Customer requirements A list of requirements from customers doing customer surveys.
2. Technical requirements A technical specification is produced.
3. Planning matrix A plan of what the product needs in order to meet customer and
technical demands.
4. Interrelationship matrix A grid showing how technical requirements join with customer needs.
5. Technical correlation An analysis on how various requirements either support or contradict
each other, If contradictory then a compromise is needed.
6. Technical priorities, benchmarks, Quality targets against each technical requirement can be measured.
targets.…read more

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Computer-Integrated Maunufacture
What is computer-integrated manufacture?
It takes the concept of integration of separate
manufacturing technologies developed by FMS a step Tasks performed with CIM?
further by bringing together all aspect of the company's · design of the product using
operations, not just those that are directly related to CAD
manufacture. Allows information to be shared and easily · planning the most cost
communicated with one another. effective work flow
· controlling the operations
of machines and equipment
Disadvantages of CIM needed to manufacture the
It is dependent upon computer data to fully integrate
· performing business
all systems- some software may be incompatible with
functions such as ordering
each other as from different brands.
stock and materials and
invoicing customers
The cost of managing data ­ if data becomes corrupt
it may cause machinery to malfunction.
2 systems within CIM:
1. Product data management (PDM)
2. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)…read more

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1. Product data management systems(PDM)
How does it work?
What is Product data management?
An information system used to manage the data for a Once the designer is satisfied with
product as it passes from design to manufacture. The data the component, the PDM system
includes plans, 3D models, CAD drawing, CNC will notify the next person to
programmes etc. A PDM also highlights when changes are perform their task on the product
made to one database so that any effects on other parts and once they are done they will do
can be determined. an electronic sign-off. The PDM
system will then notify the next
person and so on.
Advantages of Product data management
Reduced time to market as data is instantly available to all teams
for review where documents await sign-off
Improved productivity as changes to data are tracked and
managed automatically, reducing the time to search for
Improved control due to efficient management systems that
assure everyone is working from the most current data…read more

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