Describe public schools (Arnoldian)

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  • Describe public schools - stage two (Arnoldonian)
    • transition
      • Popular recreation to rational recreation
    • expansion
      • Curriculum expanded to include sport
    • overall reform
      • New moral code established, more orderly, less barbaric, better behaviour
    • reflection
      • Reflection of changes in society
    • Muscular Christianity
      • Godliness, manliness, sporting success glorifies God
    • responsibility
      • 6th Form organised games and were police force to younger boys
    • relationships
      • Less bullying and brutality, teachers took pastoral role
    • house system
      • House system expanded, there were inter house games
    • social control
      • More discipline as boys were occupied
    • regularity
      • Games or sports more regular
    • technical development
      • Games more sophisticated, some purpose built facilities
    • status
      • Status grew, games became central to school life





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