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Historical Studies

Describe three features of the 1950s proramme of physical education for state schools ('moving and growing and planning the programme). outline one difference between the 1950s programme and the programme for physical education in state secondary schools today. (4)

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Historical Studies

popular recreations in pre-industrial Britain had certain characteristics.

in what ways was real tennis different from most popular recreations?

account for limited participation in real tennis today. (5)

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Historical Studies

cricket in public schools had very high status in stage three. explain how participation in cricket could develop values in public school boys at this time. Explain barriers to achieving these values through cricket in schools today. (6)

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Sports Psychology

the 'need to achieve' is often viewed as necessary for good sports performacne both for individuals and for member of a team.

using practical example describe the features of a 'need to achieve' performer. (4)

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Sports Psychology

Explain the effects of having low self-efficacy on sustaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

describe two strategies to raise self-efficacy to enable a young person to adopt a balanced, active healthy lifestyle. (5)

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Sports Psychology

Fig.1 shows Chelladurai's multi-dimensional model of leadership.

Using the model in Fig.1 explain how effective leadership can encourage participation (6)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

Define the term VO2 max an identify three factors that affect a performer's VO2 max (4)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

interval training is a popular method of training. describe an interval training session designed to imporve maximal strength.

explain the benefits that interval training has over other methods of training. (5)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

what is meant by the term obesity and to what extent does being obese impact on the health of an individual (6)

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