Data Validation and Verification

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  • Data Validation & Verification
    • Verification
      • Is used to ensure that the data that appears in a document or database is the same as the original source data on the data capture sheet
      • Visual Checks (a.k.a double entry)
        • Where two people enter the same data separately
      • Proofreading
        • The reading, by people other than the author, of documents to check for factual and other errors
        • There is usually no reference to original data
    • Validation
      • Is the process carried out by a computer to check that the data being entered into a computer is acceptable and reasonable according to certain rules
      • Presence Check
        • Checks that data has been entered
        • e.g. A name has been entered
      • Range Check
        • Checks that the data is within a set range
        • e.g. A date is between 3rd March and 22nd October
      • Check Digit
        • Checks that the data is allowed or can exist
        • e.g. Barcodes are correct
      • Format/picture
        • Checks that each of the characters is allowed or in the correct position
        • e.g. Checks an email address - e.g. [email protected]
      • Length
        • Checks that the correct number of characters has been entered
        • e.g. A postcode has 8 characters including the space - e.g. CB33 8XY
      • Existence
        • Checks that the entry matches stored data
        • e.g. An employee number exists exists in a list of employees


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