cultural developments in America 1945-55

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  • cultural developments in America between 1945-55
    • Hollywood and the cold war
      • during the cold war, Hollywood was at the forefront of the confrontation with the USSR
      • After 1945 Hollywood was affected by Labour problems leading to strikes, while the Hollywood branch of the communist party openly supported soviet policy in eastern europe
      • In 1947, the house Un-American activities committee decided to investigate Americas film industry - most dramatic part was Hollywood Ten refusing to co-operate with the HUAC
        • The investigation of the Hollywood Ten split Hollywood, supporters included big actors such as Gene Kelly and they formed the committee for the first amendment which guaranteed freedom of speech.
        • others such as Walt Disney, supported the purge of communists from the film industry
        • a blacklist was produced of actors and writers who would not be employed in the film industry - anyone who was regarded as communist. the blacklist lasted until the 1960's and included names such as Charlie Chaplin.
          • actors who had been blacklisted were forced to work under false names
      • Hollywood tended to avoid controversial topics for its major films
      • the HUAC investigations led to the end of many careers and ensured that Hollywood stayed away from films conveying strong political messages
    • the growing power of TV
    • origins of teenage culture


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