Personality cults of Soviet leaders

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Personality cults

  • Stalin
    • Highlighted links to Lenin -although there were none
    • 1925 -Tsaritsyn renamed Stalingrad
    • 1924 -"Stalin is the Lenin of today" widely used
    • 1930s -images used to reinforce power
    • Portraits in military uniform as defender of Mother Russia
    • Stalin's early life was embellished and often invented.
    • Gathered titles and honours the sounded increasingly ridiculous 
      • eg. "Brilliant Genius of Humanity" and "Gardener of Human Happiness"
    • Speeches printed and distributed
    • Statues of Stalin placed in towns and cities
    • Films featuring Stalin were created to show his prominent role in Soviet events
    • 1953- many towns had been renamed after Stalin


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