ussr ; control of the ppl ; personality cults

what happened in cult of personality of soviet leaders?
qualities and achievements highlighted
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what did focus on individual leaders go against?
socialist emphasis on collective
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one of stalin rule features that led trotsky to accuse him of what?
betraying the revolution
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of turning dictatorship of proletariat into what?
personal dictatorship
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khrushchev also used this accusation as part of his criticism in what event of what year?
secret speech of '56
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yet by '64 when khrushchev was dismissed what was one accusation against him?
he' made his own cult of personality
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did brezhnev have more or less personal power than these two?
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but wat did cult give him?
appearance and trappings of power
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cult used to reinforce what about leaders?
personal power
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and detach them from what?
collective leadership exercised in theory of politburo
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thus cult became useful tool for individual leaders wanting to do what?
raise power and status above colleagues
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soviet gov developed how many personality cults in '20 and '30?
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for who?
lenin and stalin
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as soon as lenin buried he was being hailed as what?
hero of the revolution
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what three things contained endless images of stalin?
cinema / newspapers / statues
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his likeness was used to motivate population to do what?
imitate his committment to revolution
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what is the most striking example of use of lenin as focus for politicalness on display?
embalming of his body in red square mausoleum
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what was petrograd renamed?
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what were evidence of this large support for lenin that the gov jus tbuilt on?
the long queues to see his embaling
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thru soviet union cult of lenin was used by successive leaders to do what?
support claim they were legitimate heirs of lenin and socialist order
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other cult tha developed was that of?
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who actively promoted himself as what?
active defender of lenin
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which was useful to reinforce which of stalin's claim?
that he was lenin's rightful successor
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this linked him to lenin which highlighted what?
his loyalty to the lenin legacy in hs want for power in the '20s
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and was a way of reinforcing what in the '30s?
his personal dictatorship
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- key features of the cult of stalin
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in first stage attempts were made to highlight links between?
stalin and lenin (shocker)
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even when?
none existed
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what was stalin presented as to lenin?
closest olleague
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a hero of what?
civil war
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and then saviour of revolution in face of its assault from who?
leftists and rightists
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who was removed from photos and pictures?
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what was the town of tsaritsyn renamed?
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as early as which year?
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what slogan became used by erryman in the party?
'stalin is the lenin of today'
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soon after lenin's death in what year?
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in '30s images of stalin were used to reinforce his power by giving impression of him being what?
all-present and all-knowing leader
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artists set to work presenting images of who?
'the big hero'
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portraits of him the rough georgian peasant made him look like what?
a filmstar
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images presented him as which three things for socialism?
benefactor / inspiration / defender
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paintings identified him with achievements of what?
five-year plans
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e.g him posing where in '35?
the ryon hydro-electric complex
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pictures of him with children were common emphasising his rose as what?
father figure
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what were children often doing in the photos?
presenting him with flowers and always looking up to him
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posters of stalin in what were common in wwii?
miliary uniform
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images of stalin infront of masses of troops and military hardware conveyed what message?
that he was the defender of mother russia
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propaganda posters of stalin with workers and peasants also hoghlighted stalin as?
man of the ppl
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which was ironic bc what did he rarely do after '30?
meet the average soviet citizen
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yet how is stalin presented as a down-to-earth man?
plain clothes smoking a pipe being happy
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what about this had an intimidating impact on the public?
sheer number of images in paintings / photos / statues
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n official biographies what happened with stalin's early life?
embellished and quite often invented
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what was his family in georgia turned into?
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what was invented for him?
happy family
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with stalin presented as a?
devoted son
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despite the fact he only saw his mother how many times in 40yrs?
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and often referred to her as the?
'old whore'
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what bok was published in '38?
History of the All-Union Communist Party
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that did what for stalin?
gave him prominent role in all policy developments since lenin's death
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what did this book become known as?
Short Course
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nd according to this what had stalin's role been essential in doing?
saving revolution
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less history rather what?
piyaa hagiography
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with stalin presented as what
genius to be praised
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when did an official biography of stalin by alexandrov follow?
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stalin gathered increasingly ridiculous titles such as?
'brilliant genius of humanity' and 'gardener of human happiness'
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what were poets used to do?
add to quantity of material praising stalin
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one typical example was what poem by izakvosky?
'song about stalin'
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what happened to records of speeches by stalin?
hurriedly produced and distributed to all of ussr
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what were erected in most cities and towns?
statues of stalin
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giving him the stature of who?
tsar alexander iii (one of talledst russian leaders)
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how tall was stalin?
5 ft 6
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what other medium was used to highlight stalin's prominent role in events?
films for cinema
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what actor made a career out of playing stalin?
mikhail gilovani
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what did the film the fall of berlin depict?
stalin's role in the fall of berlin to the red army
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in what year?
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when was this movie released?
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in the film what happened when stalin got to berlin by plane?
rapturous welcome
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when in reality what did stalin rarely do?
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and didn't do what until after wwii?
visit berlin
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by late '40s what proved stalin's cult was soooooo different to his reality?
officials often didn't recognise him walking araound the kremlin
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in '53 what had happened to many towns?
been renamed after stalin
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what canal carried v little traffic but was adorned with statues of stalin?
volga-don canal
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certainly by end of what event had there been genuine support for stalin?
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even those that didn't like stalin still did what?
had gr8 respect for him as a leader
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telling that even who wept when they heard of stalin's death?
gulag prisoners
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when did khrushchev denounce stalin's use of cult of personality and in which year?
secret speech '56
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what political use did K have for denouncing stalin's cult?
furthering destalinisation
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however there were also advantages for khrushchev to do what?
develop his own cult
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for khrushchev cult allowed him to be seen as?
more important party leader
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especially after what had happned with power originally after '53?
he'd shared with malenkov
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also suited his style of leaderhsip which involved him doing what
meeting with soviet citiens
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what were good photo opps for him?
visiting peasants on collectives
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this developed into adulation through what?
articles / books / posters
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k's publicity increased when he appt who editor of izvestiya?
his son in law alexei adzhubei
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development of cult partially reflected what about khrushchev?
egotistical personality
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his use of radio / cinema / tv for self- publicity took what kind of turn after failures mojunted?
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what di khrushchev stop short of doing?
commissioning bigraphy
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but his cult was evident enough to be one of the reasons for what?
dismissal in '64
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cult useful for brezhnev after '64 as he wished to emerge as what slogan?
'first among equals'
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i power struggle with which two ppl after khrushchev's removla?
kosygin adn podgorny
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but his cult less method for securing power and more?
substitute for real power
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what was a key reason for brezhnev's popularity as a leader?
reluctance to bring about change
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brezhnev was content with trappings of power especially what?
medals he won
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what was the soviet joke about brezhnev and his medals?
he was having his chest expanded to fit all the medals
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he was awarded @ least how many?
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including lenin prize for literature for what?
his ******* memoirs
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poorly written account that greatly exggerated what?
his role in wwii
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brezhnev was arware of the ridiculous aspects of his cult but it didn't affectwhat?
his popularity
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what did he say about it himself?
'if they're poking fun at me, it means they like me'
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personality cult became more practical after what year?
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health deteriorated
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series of what left him incapacitated?
strokes + heart attacks
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the last how many years of brezhnev's life has it been claimed he was clinically dead?
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w/ leader unable to function, cult @ least provided what?
appearance of leader for population
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useful to have what?
one person to focus all loyalty and unity on
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especially during what events of stlain;s rule?
5yps and war
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what did cult provide for socialism?
human face
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which remained rather abstract concept to who?
poorly educated russian
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cult made use of what about russains?
traditional attitudes
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population used to expressing loyalty to country through one person during rule of?
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cult also filled gap resulting in severe restrifctions on?
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one of stalin rule features that led trotsky to accuse him of what?


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