Cromwell solving problems

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  • Cromwell solving problems
    • The Royal Council
      • Problems before Cromwell
        • no rules governing how meeting should be organised
        • Topics of discussion were not recorded
        • Very few attended meetings - 100 members
        • Decisions were not recorded
        • Ended up being dominated by Wolsey
      • Changes brought about by Cromwell
        • Privy Council - 20 permanent members
        • Lawyers and professional administrators
        • A clerk to appoint decisions
        • There were no longer one person dominating the group
        • All members have a similar working experience
      • Effectiveness of those changes to solve the problem
        • He's reformed the system so that people who have earned their title can be up in power as well
    • One system of Government
      • Problems before Cromwell
        • 1536 Act abolished Franchises and Liberties
        • Council of the North, a royal body - set up in 1472
      • Changes brought about by Cromwell
        • Council of the North - improved how the North of England was governed
    • King's Chamber
      • Problems before Cromwell
        • Each year a lot of money came in and out of the Crown's treasury
        • Henry got bored of watching the people guard the chamber
        • no formal rules on how to run the King's chamber
        • too much income
      • Changes brought about by Cromwell
        • remove most of the King's financial responsibility
        • The Court of Augmentations = deal with property and income
        • The court of Fruit Firsts and Tenths = 1540 collected tax from the clergy
      • Effectiveness of those changes to solve the problem
        • each department received money from a specific source
        • each department was checked to see if they acted appropriately
        • each department was trained by well - staffed officials
        • Henry did not need to be as involved
    • Management and use of Parliament
      • Problem before Cromwell
        • Parliament was a minor institution
        • new laws were made by royal proclamation
        • Henry reached decisions with his chief minister
      • Changes brought about by Cromwell
        • Parliament began passing numerous laws and met more frequently
        • Partner in government
        • 74 country MPs and 236 town and borough MPs was made up of wealthy land owner


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