Crime Key Terms 2

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  • Crime Key Terms 2
    • Stigmatized: when a group is given a negative label and treated with suspicion or hostility
    • Bourgeois: a loose term for the grouping of society who want the existing structure; the ruling class of society
    • Proletariat: the people who provide the labor necessary to operate factories IE the working class
    • Capitalist society : UK or US, characterized by private ownership of business or property
    • Communism: an economic system without private business and property, everything in society is owned by everyone equally
    • Moral Panic : When scciety reacts against previewed deviance because of media representation
    • Left Wing : political view that supports the rights of the working class and is often critical of capitalism
    • Right Wing : Political view that supports elites in society and is supportive of capitalism
    • Zero Tolerance: Policing policy in which all criminal offensive are acted on, no matter how trivial


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