Crime & Deviance- CJS

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  • Crime & Deviance- Criminal Justice System
    • Cohen ('72)
      • Need range of punishments for differnt crimes
      • I.e. ASBOs & community service = flexible approach to punishment
    • Wilson ('82)
      • Zero tolerance on ALL crime
      • Harsh punishments to deter criminals (i.e. death penalty, etc)
      • Needs community based programmes- stops potental involvment in criminal & conflict subcultures
    • Chambliss ('89)
      • Police/ Judges label w/c as criminal
      • Leave m/c & u/c criminals alone
      • W/c become angry/resentful to police/CJS
    • Garland ('02)
      • CJS reflects soc- have more of a say (the vote) so involved in CJS (the jury)
      • Jury fairer than judges as arrange of opinions
      • Jury can be seen as sexist/racist at times


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