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    • Good character
      • Honest & Trustworthy
      • Never had an investigation or disciplinary
      • 12 years NHS
      • DBS countersigned by the CQC
      • Complying with the law
        • Handles personal client information, knows how to adhere to GDPR legislation
      • Ensure quality and safety of care to meet fundamental standard
    • Ensures strict policies and protocols are in place, such as:
      • Recruitment Management
        • Before employment, enhanced DBS
        • Comprehensive induction training for staff aligned with Care Certificate.
        • 15 hour shadowing required, competency checks carried out.
        • Further training required along their professional development.
      • Management Appraisal
        • Regular and ongoing theme of supervision and appraisal.
        • Daily managerial processes allow for consistent supervision and support
        • Carers have regular and organised review sessions, with a nominated supervisor/ manager
          • Known as 'Staff Support'
            • Is in addition to annual appraisal.
      • Disciplinary Process
        • HR Specialist to assist with disciplinary process in order to help comply with employment legislation.
          • We are using GO HR because:
            • 1) Not my background
              • 2) Make company as safe as possible
                • 3) Build a good reputation


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