Jane Eyre - Lowood

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  • Lowood
    • 'Lowood
      • Name suggests 'low point' for Jane
      • Symbolic prison - 'wood' - Jane is enclosed and trapped
    • Miss Temple
      • First appearance - signifies calm/ composed atmosphere
      • In authority: 'erect bearing'
      • Gentle and grave character.
      • 'Pale and large forehead' - symbolic of great intelligence.
      • 'Temple' - suggest religion - she's strongly religious, although in the opposite way to Mr Brocklehurst.
    • Other teachers
      • Miss Miller - ordinary, under-teacher, more timid.
      • Miss Scatcherd - 'scratchy' - constantly pouncing on/ abusing students.
    • Helen Burns
      • Quiet, gentle, spiritual, pious, obedient, submissive.
      • Doesn't believe in revenge.
      • Helps Jane overcome her hatred and need for revenge against Mrs Reed, helps her to find peace.
      • Teaches Jane about love, about living to the end rather than mulling over the wrongs that have been done to her.
      • Helps Jane by admiring her submission, gives her the courage to keep going.
    • Jane's behaviour
      • Still bottles her feelings
        • Does her best to clamp down on them.
      • Initially wishes for revenge against the Reeds
        • Helen helps her overcome her bitter feelings.
      • Learns to be submissive and obedient, without being resentful.
      • Grows mature, quiet and intelligent.
    • Religion
      • Very important during Victorian time
        • Success seen as reward of virtue, failure as punishment of vice.
        • Period of stern morality.
      • Helen Burns
        • Admits she has faults, understands she needs forgiveness, practices what she preaches.
        • Has sympathy for others, believes everyone can change/ get forgiveness.
        • Doesn't dwell on wrongs of this world, looks forward onto Eternity.
      • Mr Brocklehurst
        • Scares girls into repentance, doesn't help them to know how to be good/ pure-hearted.
        • Great HYPOCRITE - Constantly pointing out other people's sins, never his own.
        • Believes the girls should give up everything enjoyable in life, purposely be miserable.
          • Hypocritical as his own daughters have a luxurious life
        • Thinks the girls should be 'shame-faced' and humiliated.
        • Doesn't believe that sinners can get forgiveness
    • Direct reference to reader
      • Makes reader think harder about Jane's words.
      • Creates friendly, personal, confiding tone - Inviting atmosphere.
      • Jane explains herself to the reader - understanding about her inner character/ motives.
    • Turning Point - Ch 10
      • New start for Jane - craves a new life, more excitement & purpose.
      • Stops living life she's been forced to live by her superiors, takes control of her own situation.
    • Pathos
      • Evokes pity or sadness from reader
      • Jane creates it by describing awful living conditions at Lowood.


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